About Counseling

gay, lgbtq, texas, counseling, mental health, counselor, therapist, therapy, affirming, fort worth, tarrant countyMental Health Counseling is, in short, help to feel better. The goal of counseling is to be a safe place where you can share your story without fear of judgement, and to feel better about what is bothering you. You may be experiencing any number of symptoms or issues right now; you may be in one of many different chapters of life, and need help coping. You likely want someone to genuinely listen to you and hear your story, without making judgments or giving commands. You are probably seeking help with finding healing, personal strength, or resolve. Counseling can help.

The couch is open, come take a seat and take a step towards healing.

Location 516 College Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104 Phone (682) 703-0712 E-mail randall@randallstoreycounseling.com Hours Appointments offered: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings at 5:30 and 6:30.
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